Making an interactive choropleth map with Jqvmap and Geostats

See the live map here. Jqvmap is an excellent JavaScript library for making sleek D3-style interactive vector maps quickly and easily. However, its suggested technique for visualizing data (see the library’s documentation) leaves something to be desired. This post suggests another way, using Geostats, another excellent JS library. To be clear: jqvmap’s dataviz technique works, […]

Using Python’s calendar module for scraping date-based data

I’ve recently fallen in love with Python’s standard calendar module. It has lots of functions to make handling dates a breeze. And for scraping data based on dates, it couldn’t be more convenient. Take Environment Canada’s historical hourly data for Montreal. Each page has 24 hours of data in a single day. If I want […]

How to survive the desert of despair in your code-learning journey

A lot of ink has been devoted lately on reality checks for new self-taught coders. Here are two prominent posts: TechCrunch: Don’t Believe Anyone Who Tells You Learning To Code Is Easy Viking Code School Blog:  Why Learning to Code is So Damn Hard These posts are reactions to the wealth of beginner courses on coding, some which promise […]